Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Again, at the office. agoolkm this is the best time to blog wallah =P updates about eldwam, it's so much better.. I'm working a little here n there,, keeps me busy, not all day, but most of the time lol which is great el7mmddllaah! I looove my job! a7s i'm in the perfect position =D even when I work on the weekends, it's even more fun than normal week days =$ my parents wana kill me loOl

how did you spend new year's eve?! we went to Mecca on thursday the 19th and came back to AD on Sunday 1st 2012 =D before we planned to go n everything I was kinda bummed cuz everybody had plans for new years eve, where to go, how, when and with who to spend it.. but when the clock struck 12 and I was fl7aram, I knew I had the best new year's experience <3 the last thing we did before heading to the airport was 6awaf elwada3 which was perfectly timed. 9dg felt like wada3 the entire year, with all the good n bad things that happened. really helped with putting everything behind and starting fresh! Allah yr7amna bra7mta w y'3rflna inshallah!

january w halfatra in general is the best time for 3mra! the weather waayed ysa3d! laho 7ar wala bard, just perfect! plus waaaay less za7ma! el7mdllah this time I had the chance to touch elka3ba! wl7ajar elaswad ba3ad! I think in total (6awaf + sa3y) it took us sa3a w n9 ta8reeban.. =D

you know what? I believe Makka is the city that never sleeps loOl! there's always people around at all times! I love the atmosphere over there,, it's so peaceful w che t7s kl 7ad zain, mafe ashrar LoL! no seriously.. it's very beautiful! I didn't want to come back. but I had to -.-" had dwam seeda the next day! and you know what else I like about Makka, having locals working flfanad8 wlma6a3m and everywhere! it's such a nice feeling having ahal elblad serve their own country.. elsh'3l mb 3aib! I have so much respect for them fe halna7ya!

funny thing happened, w n7n fl7aram ntraya 9alat el'6hr, za5atna 3yooz she was sitting right behind us, agooolkm shooo!! 6al3atna kfaaar!!! tgooly inty yaya wya thnoobch!! wnty laish titzaynain 7ag elryayeeel!! wnty fe 6aree8ch ela elNAAR! ... =| o.m.g! really? ana 7ata elsun block maly nsaita flblad! yaya chal7a mal7a gashra w I couldn't care less ba3ad! w eteene hay titfalsaf 3alay ba3ad =) che shway I argued wyaha lana 9dg 8hratny ya3ny inty mno 3ashan tguleen ana baseer eljana wla elnar! you don't know me =s then mom was like 5ala9 latradideen bs gooly inshallah! so I was like >_> inshallah, inshallah, inshallah! uff wl7reem klhm yt9adidan! sho halmu7a'6ara elmufaji2ah! lol w tyawd my eyebrows!!! awna laish m3adltnhm!! (which I didn't btw, g9oory ba3ad aseer el9alon gabl maka) it was unbelievable loOl

and those other m6aw3a ely y7aliloon w y7armon 3akaifhm! elaa t'3a6een wayhch fl7aram!! ya5i mayooz =o mayooooz sho mshkltk!! "'3a6y wajhk ya 7aja '3a6y wajhk" LoL y'6a7koon! agool fe 5a6ry inzain inta latba7lg 3yoonk wnshallah 2moorna 6ayba =Pp ya3ny wallah ma3rf sho asawe b3mry! 2m6a w lbast, long sleeves w 3ba msakara labsa, SOCKS w black ba3ad labsa.. ant7r w afikik mny? loOl Sta'3ferAllah el3a'6eem =P mareed I lose what I gained fe maka because of them ya3ny bs 9dg glt i'll share hehe

I'm sooo mt7asfa eny mashalait my camera and not even my phone =/ I really wanted to take picturesss! w a76hm flpost lol
ma3laih, next time inshallah =D

can't wait for the academy awardsssssss

my faaaaavorite youtuber *ROFL*

I turned 22 last sunday  ^.^